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David Lee Jensen, Entrepreneur

"My purpose is to create a remarkable impact on the production and prosperity of the world."

David Lee Jensen is a 2-time Bestselling Author, Fortune 50 Speaker, Executive Coach and Humanitarian. He's Founder & CEO of three successful start-ups: The Hiring Academy, Interview Blueprint and CR8 Entrepreneurs, all aligned with pursuing the purpose of helping others.

His #1 Bestselling book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret addresses how to hire the right person, the first time and every time; while the follow-up Hire Me Or Else: How to Land a Job You Love teaches interviewing from the other-side of the desk for graduating students or transitioning military. He travels the world as a motivational keynote speaker focusing on Team Culture, Hiring, Leadership and Entrepreneurship. David has shared the stage with the likes of Richard Branson, Marie Forleo, Steve Forbes, Grant Cardone and others. He keynotes with insight, inspiration and core elements for success, from experience of growing a company to $2.5 billion in client sales to taking the entrepreneurial leap. His stories of overcoming personal adversity to get there are riveting.

“The people you choose change the trajectory of your business... and life.”

His clients include start-up entrepreneurs to Fortune 50, like NetApp, Domino’s, McDonald’s and Lululemon Athletica. David is currently launching the CR8 Your Future Conference a two-day live event to help you become, or accelerate as, an entrepreneur. You will learn, workshop and implement actionable tools and accomplish knowing EXACTLY what your next steps are towards sharing your unique ability with the world and enjoying the freedom of entrepreneurship."

Most importantly, David is philanthropic to his core, having raised over $25 million for non-profits over just the last few years. He's sat Advisory Boards for Rock for Human Rights, Drug Free World (US & Philippines), Project HOOD and worked on the ground for 9 months in Colombia with an inter-faith coalition to raise peace and prosperity throughout South America. He and Sunny, his wife of 28 years, have two dynamic adult sons and enjoy travel, basketball and the outdoors, especially by the ocean.


Having experienced success as an entrepreneur, the core drive now, is as David stated: "My purpose is to create a remarkable impact on the production and prosperity of the world. And, I believe this can be done by creating 8 million entrepreneurs to effect change on the 8 billion of planet Earth."


As a Humanitarian himself, David understands the need for corporate giving, social-responsibility programs and high net-worth individuals contributing their energy and resources to charitable ventures that align with their purpose to help. He serves on multiple Foundation Advisory Boards and as a motivational speaker is a dynamic fundraiser.

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Bestselling Author

David is a two-time bestselling author on the subject of interviewing and hiring. His books are available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and wherever books are sold.

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Fortune 50 Speaker

David speaks eloquently on the topics of hiring, team building, leadership and of course entrepreneurship.

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Executive Coach

David is a Strategic Advisor to some of the top executives in the world in addition to SME owners and entrepreneurs.



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The Hiring Academy

Hire the Right Person, The First Time and Every Time. Save time and money by training your team to make better hires. Personnel is likely your biggest expense. Virtual training gets everyone on the same-page with predictable results. Trusted by McDonald's, Jamba Juice, Cardone University and some of the biggest companies in the world The Hiring Academy is your secret weapon to cost-saving retention.

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Interview Blueprint

Interview Blueprint is an online virtual training for soon -to-graduate college students and transitioning military to learn the fundamentals of getting hired. From deciding what to do that you'll love, to resumes, interview prep and follow-up - everything is covered here A-Z.

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CR8 Entrepreneurs

David Lee Jensen presents the Create Your Future Conference. This breakthrough event will give you the tools to become an expert author, speaker, coach and online marketer and enjoy the entrepreneur lifestyle.


Grant Cardone

Cardone Enterprises / 10X Rule

"If you can't find the good people. If good people come into your office and you don't know what to ask them; how to find out who's the good, who's the bad? This dude has codified the prefect interview. You need to read this book. [The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret]"

Lisa Sorensen

Import Auto Repair

“David is a very dynamic, successful & trustworthy person, creating more of the same in his consulting work with others! After his detailed evaluation, we implemented his suggested organizational processes and achieved increased control and profitability.”

Tom Jenkins

LT Home Health Care

"A big shout-out to my business consultant David Lee Jensen! In an industry that has 30% of my colleagues in Texas shutting down this year, we are clocking in at a 151% increase in Total Revenue this year, over last year."

Joe Polish

Genius Network

"Hiring sucks. This is some pretty smart stuff that David has compiled. Read his book, do his course and your turnover issues will be solved.”

Dr. Marci Pitzner

Naturopathic Healthcare

“Simply put, I don’t know how I survived without you David. The one-on-one coaching was beyond insightful and you held me accountable to the findings. That's a unique difference from any other consultant I've worked with. I am confident and getting things done again."

Ted Zafiras

McDonalds Franchisee

“I own 3 McDonald’s franchises. I started using The Hiring Academy in one of my restaurants where I had high turnover and low productivity. There was immediate change in the morale of the hiring manager. It gave her tools, confidence and a sense of professionalism that created a positive reaction throughout the whole restaurant. Productivity has increased. Morale amongst the management and crew team has increased. And yes, profits have begun to follow. Investing in this system is a smart investment and I will implement in all my restaurants.”

Stefanie Sondenheimer

Food The Lifestyle

“I have been working with David and it is truly a gift. Every talk inspires me, gives me new ideas and a clear direction. David gets me back on track, motivated and ready to take massive action. I love the way he holds me accountable too. When we hang up the only problem is that i have trouble falling asleep because I am so excited about all the new ideas, possibilities and about the fact that he helps me keep believing that i can achieve my goals too."

Mike Flynn

Chimney Sweeps LA

“I have worked with David and can tell you this: he is a very insightful and powerful leader and a very motivating person. He can help any company or person reach goals they never thought possible.”
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  • Anywhere in the world our team is here to help. Reach out to book David for a Speaking engagement or Coaching session.